Update from the trenches

When I started this blog I set myself to write one post per week. That was a personal objective which was probably a bit optimistic given how busy I am doing a thousand things at the same time, but I thought it was a nice goal anyway.

I more or less managed to keep the speed at first, but lately I simply have not found the time to write something interesting, something that’s worth it.

Of course, this might possible be due to the fact that I’m currently spending my time making music instead of writing code. But still…

Here’s what I found out: composing music as a by-side activity takes much more time than writing code outside of your daily work. I’m not sure why.

When I was younger do 6 to 8 hour-long sessions to compose, and I would be able to finish tracks in 2 weeks. Nowadays, between my work and my family, spare time is scarce and when I have some it’s by slices of 1h30 or 2h max.

But I really need to make a new tune now. So even if that takes me more time than expected I will probably be slower on the programming articles than usual until I get this one finished and published. Then I’ll go back to my usual pace.

Let’s not panic though: I’ll find some time soon to write something about server-side validation…

Until then…


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