This blog is taking a long break

This blog is taking a long pause

So it’s 2021 and this blog is taking a long break. In fact, you might have noticed it was on pause for a while…

But… but why?

Well, I can give you multiple reasons.

For one, I am working hard at the moment. I have my full-time job as a freelance, plus an ongoing project on top. Essentially, my week is pretty full! As a consequence I spend more time applying my knowledge rather than learning new material. And the knowledge I absorb for the moment is not worth a blog post… or is valuable but also pretty much discussed and explained in other blogs. In other words, I’m currently running out of time and out of topics.

Furthermore, I have resumed my hobby as a musician. I compose electronic music and publish it under a Creative Commons licence for all to listen and share. That gave me a real breath of fresh air during this virus-filled period! If you’re curious, just head to SoundCloud or

So is this a goodbye then?

Certainly not!

Let’s just say the blog is currently on “pause”. The site will remain up, but it likely won’t get new posts so for some time…

However I will return to writing at some point, if only to write down tips and techniques I need to remember for later. Yep, I consider this blog as my personal developer’s notebook. And so, to quote a famous ex-governor of California: “I’ll be back”. Ha!

This blog is taking a long break

While I’m out, here’s an idea. Why don’t you start your developer’s blog?

Seriously, by writing posts I have learned a lot. Indeed, I was forced to research my topic so that I could explain it in clear terms. Why don’t do the same? You will also help other developers and give back to the community. How’s that!

So until next time…

Cheers to you all!

[Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels]