Codes And Notes is a blog that was initially used to promote two of my passions: software development and independent, CC-licensed music.
With time, the development part took most of my time. Having learned so much from many other talented bloggers on the net, I thought it was about time I’d give back something to the community!

Being a (mainly) Java developer, you should expect a lot of posts covering precise technical how-tos, a few “gotchas” discussing issues I have encountered and how I solved them, but also deeper investigations on certain topics that are usually spread over multiple articles. Essentially, every time I stumble upon something worth sharing and discussing I try to make a post about it!

I also like to observe the world of software developers, their processes and the way they interact as teams. I try to provide my unashamed opinion in this blog regarding the strategies developers use to organize a project’s implementation: what worked and what didn’t as far as my experience goes.
Obviously a lot of what you will find there is debatable. Is it the best implementation? Are code reviews a good thing? For one person that swears by Kanban, there’s another one who was traumatized by it. So instead of fighting over who possesses the “ultimate truth”, just take with you whatever you want to take and ignore the rest.

In the end, it’s all about opinions: everyone has one. Just try not to impose yours on others.