Codes And Notes started as a bicephalic blog: one part dedicated to development, the other part dedicated to music.

The idea was to blog about my two passions in equal parts, to document my findings as a developer and to share my musical creations.

With time, however, the development part took over most of my time. So although I still listen to a lot of music coming from many sources, you will not find that many productions of mine anymore.

The left brain: development

As a (mostly) Java developer with a few years of experience I observe the process of developing software alone or as part of a team. I want to share my thoughts on what went wrong and what went right while building an application. I will share a few solutions that worked for me and I hope you, dear reader, will also share your opinions in the comments!

The development part will therefore cover technical topics, development practices and observations, thoughts about organizing a team’s work, etc. Since I work on a variety of professional and personal projects, I will use my gathered experience to discuss architectural decisions or gotchas that I might have encountered.

The right brain: music

I am fascinated by the current evolution in the music industry, and so I try to voice my opinions on it whenever I have the occasion. I also used to compose electronica in my humble home studio, so I decided to share those tracks as CC-licensed music. You will find my music by clicking on “Notes” menu in the top header. Enjoy!