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First Steps with Guice

First steps with Guice

A majority of Java developers came to embrace and love Spring’s Inversion of Control (IoC) to inject dependencies. However not all projects are Spring-based! One may want to consider alternatives for taking care of dependency injection… And one of those options is the Guice framework.

Questions you should ask during an interview

Questions you should ask during an interview

You decided to apply for that position or mission and nailed the technical interview. They want you on board! That sounds great, but… before saying “yes” there might be a few questions you should ask and a few things to clarify.

Expressing intent using fluent code

Book with its story items coming alive

As professional developers, we constantly try to make our code readable for all to understand. We use the term “fluent code” to describe that line of thought. But beginners may find that a bit of an abstract notion… In this post I propose you to examine a concrete case I have recently encountered, and one solution for turning that bit of code into something I am proud(er) of.