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Album Review: Coloringbook – Candy Island

I sure didn’t expect anything on that particular day, but Coloringbook’s album just took me by surprise: I remember stopping what I was doing and go “Holy sh!t, what’s that!”. Only one way to cover this one: going full Gonzo. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

Give the finger to music majors, support FMA

As you might already know, FMA (Free Music Archive) is currently trying to raise $50,000 to maintain and expand its mission as providers of curated, CC-licensed music. I usually try not to favor one site or the other (it’s usually a double-edged sword), but I do believe that FMA are absolutely worth of your attention. Let me try to explain to you why they deserve our help.


Hey! is a free CC-licensed dance / techno / house music. Enjoy!