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403 Forbidden on web clients against cookie-based secured REST services

You are developing your web client (AngularJS or any other) against your REST services' server, secured using cookies-based sessions and CSRF tokens sent as cookies. You've done everything by the book, followed the tutorials to make your security work, especially CORS and CSRF tokens. And yet you still get a pesky 403 when trying to login!

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Your perception of privacy and security on the Internet: survey results!

In October 2015 me and my partner-in-dev Emad Heydari Beni ran a small survey on how our blog readers, friends and relatives felt about privacy and security on the Internet. The survey was closed November the 11th and we started analyzing the data we had gathered. The short version? We were actually surprised at some of the answers!

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Survey: thank you!

One month ago, me and my friend decided to run a survey about your perception of privacy and security on the Internet.

We’ve gathered enough (anonymous) data, so today we decided to close the survey.

I would like to personally thank all of you who took the time to respond. As promised, we will analyze and publish your responses and our conclusions on them in a forthcoming blog post.

Once again: thank you all for your help!